About this work:

My name is Charlie Ball and this is my masters project for my MA in Photography at Manchester School of Art. 

Spanning two years, this ongoing project explores the elements that make up a portrait of a person. This delves into relationships built by conversation and objects, specifically to this project, my relationship with my Great Aunt and the stories she tells me through her photographs, documents and videos. I have incorporated my own photographs of her to accompany the archive materials that she has given me and that I have found, alongside recorded conversations and videos to contribute to a portrait of her.

Just like a conversation, the viewer has some control over which direction the conversation goes in, but not total control. You do not know what you will learn next.
  The viewer can choose to listen, read and look but it is completely optional, you can choose to see what Sheila looks like now or simply what she sounds like. Each background is a beloved scarf of Sheila’s; the viewer can choose to simply admire them. The viewer can flick through, spend hours studying every piece,watch a video or listen to a story. 

At the end of the exhibition everything is in one page and the viewer can choose to look at the entirety of the project that way.
Pick as you wish-  it’s there for you to choose how much you learn and discover; a conversation. 

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Contact Charlie - charlielball161@gmail.com